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twitter challenge

So it’s been a week since I started the Twitter Challenge, and I have to say that I am very happy with my results so far. At the beginning of the challenge, I had right about 200 followers (and I had right about 200 followers for as long as I can remember because I hadn’t used Twitter much in a long time). At the time of writing this (Monday, February 29 at noon) I have 943 followers.

The Rules of the Challenge:

  • I wanted to try to keep this simple and to let me learn and grow as I go on, so I kept the rules as simple as possible.
  • I would only do 35 days.
  • I would use no paid tools.
  • I would not automate any posts.
  • I would spend about 30 minutes every day.
  • My focus would be on new followers and building an audience.

 So What Did I Do?

  1. I tweeted 3-10 original tweets every day.
  2. I followed everyone that followed me (as long as they were clean, in English, and were in one of my areas of interest).
  3. For any of the new followers that had a large audience, I retweeted something that I found interesting.
  4. I would search for people that I wanted to follow me (those with large audiences in the marketing field) and I would follow them and then either retweet or like one of their posts.

What I Learned

1. Follower/Followed Ratio is Important.

As I was searching for people that I wanted to follow me in the marketing field I started out just looking at the number of followers. If they had a good audience (over 1,000 or so) I figured that they would be a good connection so I would follow them and then spend some time looking for a tweet to either like or retweet.

Towards the end of the week, I found that it was pretty easy to determine which users I had a good chance of getting to follow me back, and which were a lost cause. I found that the key was comparing the number of followers to the number of people that they follow.  I found that if the person did not follow at least 80% the number of people that followed them, there was almost no chance that they would follow me. So, if a person had 1,000 followers, they had to follow at least 800 people for them to have a chance of following me. I found that I saved a lot of time not following people that did not fit that ratio.

Key Takeaway: Don’t waste time following people that don’t follow very many people.

2. People Like to Have Their Egos Stroked

If you are like me, the first thing that you look at when you log onto Twitter is the notifications. I always look to see who has followed me, who has liked a tweet, and who had retweeted me. It made me feel good when there was a lot of activity and a bit depressed when there wasn’t. Through the week, I found that I was not alone in really liking the activity on my tweets. I found that I got a much higher follow back rate when I not only followed someone, but liked or retweeted one of their tweets as well.

It takes a little bit more time, but I really want to build an audience – not just followers – so I am willing to put in a little bit more time to try to gain the attention of the people that I wanted to connect with. Of course I don’t have time to do this to every person that I followed, but I prioritized and did this with anyone that I felt had influence.

Key Takeaway: Take a little bit of time to favorite or retweet if you want someone to follow you back.

3. Don’t Retweet Too Much

At the beginning of the week, I was so excited that I was retweeting a post from every new follower. Of course this helped me to get more followers fast because I was so active. However, I was also making it harder for my followers to interact with Twitter. I had a friend tell me, “Your retweets are filling my whole feed. I have to keep scrolling down just to find anything else!”

From then on, I was more careful with how I retweeted so that there were not too many in a row. I started to like tweets more and retweet less. I had less new follows because I did not tweet as much, but I was still getting great results without making my followers want to unfollow me.

Goals for Next Week

Next week, I would like to add 600 more followers, so I would like to be at 1,500 followers by next Friday. I would also like to see my engagement numbers continue to rise as well. I am not only trying to grow a lot of followers, I am trying to grow an audience that I can monetize as I move forward after (or towards the end of) this challenge.

With that in mind, I am really trying to engage with some influential people in the marketing world. I think this week I may try to engage further through answering questions and asking questions to raise my engagement even further.

My Analytics

I figured the easiest way to do this would be to take screenshots and let you see my analytics. You can really see where I started with my activity, and I hope that this inspires you that you can start building your audience at any time.

twitter analytics 1

twitter analytics 2

twitter analytics 3

twitter analytics 4

Questions or Comments?

If you have any questions or comments, hit me up in the comments or on Twitter. I’ll answer anything that I can.

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