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3 best things i read

I read a lot of articles every week. I mean, a lot. SEO stuff, sales stuff, general marketing, social media, lots of Twitter stuff right now with the Twitter Challenge going on. I figured it would be good if I started sharing the good stuff with you. So I’m going to try a new thing and share my list of my top 3 reads of the week every Friday. They could be in any of the above mentioned categories (or anything else that catches my attention that week) and I think that they will be something that you will find helpful. I’ll give you a quick paragraph about each so you can decide if you think it’s right for you.

1. Marketing Has Changed by Adam Erhart

You guessed it, this post is all about how marketing has changed and how smart businesses are taking advantage of the changes. Adam talks about the new road to “know, like, and trust” (because we all like to buy from people that we know like and trust) and gives some great examples of businesses that are killing it in the new marketing economy. But my favorite part of the post is the “Super Simple Know, Like, And Trust Funnel” that he lays out. It’s four steps that you can follow pretty easily to stand out from the crowd and make an impact in your market.

2. The Real Reason You’re Not Making Any Money From Your Blog by Alexander James

Neil Patel of Quick Sprout said in a post that anyone could start a blog and make $100k a month within a year. Alexander James has taken on the challenge and I have been inspired reading his journey of the past two months. In this post he talks about laying the foundation of making money from your blog. He has a great analogy of treating your blog like a video game and working to “level up.” He lays out 7 levels of blogging and profitability and talks about how, like in gaming, each time you level up everything gets a little bit harder. An interesting read for anyone trying to make money from a blog.

3. 9 Steps on How to Launch a Social Media Strategy that Stands Out by Sweet Tea Social

Now, there is nothing earth shattering here. It is simply a good list of 9 things you need to think about when you are formulating your social media strategy. For where I am right now, just getting started with Twitter and recommiting to social media and blogging it was a great reminder. I especially like number 9 which is to promote your community and influencers. Don’t just retweet them, think of ways that you can actually promote your community. Be creative and this will have a huge impact on not only building followers, but building a great social community.

What Are You Reading?

So these were some of my favorite reads for the week. What did you read this week that impacted you? I’d love to hear from you and maybe I will showcase it next week! Just leave a link in the comments below and I’ll check it out!

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