At Two Cans Media, we are a full service online marketing firm. We help our clients to grow their businesses through proven online marketing techniques. Some of the services that we offer are listed below:

Search Engine Optimazation

Search is the traffic lifeline for most websites, and with search being easier than ever (and accessible on more devices) that doesn’t look like changing. With so many smart phones, tablets, laptops and computers online today, it is no wonder that search has become so integral in web marketing. And beyond that, consumers believe what they read online. 92% of customers say that they have more confidence in what they find online than what they hear from a salesclerk.

Social Media

Social media is where you can build a relationship with your customers. Whether it is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Google+, you have to figure out where your customers are, and you have to be there too. At Two Cans, we offer social media marketing packages as well as training to help our clients to do it right themselves.

Mobile Friendly Web Design

Mobile amplifies both search and social. In the past, search and social were both done almost exclusively on a computer, which meant at home or at work. Now, searches and social sharing are done immediately. A review can be before a customer leaves your business. A search for reviews on your product can be done from as a customer is standing in your store. And the statistics show that this is exactly what happens. More than half of all searches are now done on a mobile device, and if your site is not mobile friendly, you are throwing business away.