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Rowdy Hound Web Design Project

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The Brief

The client was a startup that created a dog kennel that attached to the back of a motorcycle. The products were not created yet, so they needed a website to use to drive interest and to build a waiting list of interested prospects.

What We Did

Because there was no current website or marketing materials, we had to build everything from scratch. We helped the client to outline the necessary content, images, and video that would be required for the site. Then, we designed a site that told the story of a pretty amazing product.

The Results

The website looks amazing and it was a successful tool for the client. Whether through traffic from social media or from people seeing prototypes at motorcycle events, there was an easy place for them to send interested people to get more information. They were able to build a substantial waiting list of interested people and gather the kinds of motorcycles that they rode to make the compatible hardware.