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RJ Manage Web Design Project

RJ Manage

The Brief

The client had two main goals for this project. They wanted to have a website that they could use in their marketing efforts and they needed to make it easier for tenants to report maintenance or repair issues. They are a successful property management company but they did not have any kind of a web presence which was making it harder for them to bring in new clients. And, the only way for their tenants to report issues was through a phone call.

What We Did

We had to create a website from the ground up. They felt that their current website was not a good representation of what they did, so we had to help them decide on the content that would be required for the new site. Their site now makes them look like the professionals that they are – both to their prospects and their tenants.

The Results

The client loved their new website. They mentioned that they are proud to show it to prospects now, where before they really tried not to mention that they had a website. They also appreciate that their tenants can use the integrated portal to make maintenance requests and they do not get as many phone calls.