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Lander Chiropractic Web Design Project

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The Brief

The client had a generic website from a “chiropractic web design” company. They had very little control over what their website looked like and what content was on it, and they had to pay monthly to keep a website that they hated. They asked us to create them a website that they owned, that they would have control over, and that would have the look and feel of their practice.

What We Did

We talked to the client and got to know the doctors and their practice and why their patients chose them. We helped them to develop the content that they needed for the homepage and each individual page, and then we then designed a website from scratch that represented them and their practice and spoke directly to their patients.

The Results

They were blown away by the reactions that they received from their patients when their website went live. They were proud of their site and they feel that it represents them well. Also, their practice has grown tremendously since then and they attribute part of that success to the website and the part that it has played in generating leads and making it easier for their patients to interact with them.