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Guidry’s Guardian Web Design Project

guidry's guardian responsive web design

The Brief

The client was a brand new non-profit helping to foster and adopt dogs. The founder had a large social following that she used to promote her non-profit, but she needed a website to give donors more information and to have a place that people could donate online.

What We Did

We built a website that the non-profit is able to use as a hub. It describes what it is that they do and why. Any prospective donor can visit the page and feel comfortable that they are a legitimate non-profit and that their donations will be used properly. We integrated Stripe so that they can accept donations (and recurring donations) through the website making it easy for the non-profit and donors.

The Results

It has been an extremely successful endeavor. The non-profit has been able to raise significantly more money since the introduction of the website, and the recurring donations have been a game-changer for them. They love their new website and we still maintain the website on a care plan.


“Guidry’s Guardian Foundation hired Two Cans Media to create and maintain our non-profit website.  Kurt Abel is thorough, professional and reliable.  He has always been a quick email or phone call away and responds in a timely fashion to any project.  Two Cans Media has been a strong partner with Guidry’s Guardian Foundation since our inception in 2019”. 

– Alanna Rizzo, Founder