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Website Design Process

We Do Our Best To Make It As Easy As Possible On You

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The Brief

This is where the whole process starts. We will ask you a lot of questions to get to know you and your business. Some of the questions may be difficult or awkward (we probably aren’t doing our jobs well if they aren’t) but we need all of this information if we are going to be able to bring your story to life through your website.

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The Sitemap

Once we understand your business, we will build a visual sitemap so that you can see how your website will be structured. This is a simple graphic tool that helps us communicate how we will build your site and how all of your content will work together.

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The Prototype

We call this the “Ugly Site.” We will create a prototype of your site without any of the design or content simply to let you see and experience how everything will work together. It isn’t pretty but it will help us better communicate how your site will work which helps us to build a better finished product.

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The Design

This is our favorite part because this is where everything comes together. We get to take all of your content and use it to tell your story in a beautiful and compelling way. We take the prototype and make it into a fully functional site that is designed to bring you more business.

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The Delivery

This may be the most important part of the entire process. This is where we take a couple of weeks to try to break your new site. We look for any problems that might occur. Only after it has withstood our testing are we confident that it is ready to be transferred to your hosting so that it can represent your business well.