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We are back with another episode of Two Cans TV. This episode deals with where to find high quality PR3 and PR4 domains for under $15. I’ll show you the exact tool that I use, how I search for the domains, how I analyze them to make sure that they are high quality, and where I buy them. Super simple, but VERY powerful. Take a look at the video and please ask any questions in the comments!

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How To Find Cheap High PR Domains Using Register Compass



What To Look For In High PR Domains

I also wanted to give you a quick checklist on what you should look for in High PR domains. You do not want to buy a domain just because of what its Page Rank says. There are a lot of reasons for this, and I’ll get into several of them below.

1. Page Rank Can Be Faked

Don’t trust the Page Rank! It can be easily faked with a redirect and you end up with a completely useless domain. Make sure to check for fake page rank well before you even think of buying a domain. Register domain will tell you if the domain is definitely fake (the red circle) but there are also a lot of blue circles which means that the Page Rank might be fake. I recommend using a fake Page Rank checker to make sure that there is no funny business going on. A good fake Page Rank checker can be found by clicking here.

2. Make Sure That It Is Indexed By Google

Do a search for If nothing shows up, the site has been deindexed by Google. Stay away. I also will usually take it a step farther and search for the domain ( If the domain shows up at the top, then everything is good. But if other sites show up above it, then there is a good chance that it has some kind of a Google penalty and you should stay away. The Google Page Rank that they share publicly (through any tool bars or Page Rank checkers) can be several months old. Google does not update it very often. So it is possible for a site to show a very high Page Rank, but to have since been deindexed or penalized.

3. Check Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO is a great tool for looking at domains. They have a paid service which you do not need. Sign up for a free account by clicking here. If you already have an account, make sure that you are signed in when you are checking domains or else it will not give you as much information. Here is what I look for in the Majestic SEO report.

  • Trust Flow and Citation Flow – I want to see both of these numbers at at least 10. That lets me know that a site has a decent bit of authority and some pretty high quality links coming in.
  • External Backlinks – For these low cost domains, I don’t set my standards as high as I would if I was paying full price. At full price, I would like to see at least 100 backlinks for a PR3 site and at least 200 for a PR4 site. For these low cost domains, I look more at the quality of the links than the quantity, but ideally I want to see a couple hundred links.
  • Anchor Text – If all of the anchor text is in another language, I usually stay away simply because I don’t know if the site has been spammed or not. I also look for words that would show that the site had been used as a porn site, a gambling site, an SEO site, a weight loss, or a pharmaceuticals site. If the site was ever any of those, then there is almost always a penalty on the site. Stay away!
  • Deleted Links – Often, when a site expires it will lose many of its best links. When you look at the backlinks table, look to see if the top links have been deleted. If they have been deleted, it is usually a good indication that the site will lose its Page Rank very quickly. Stay away! Also, I usually click on the top links to make sure that I can find the link and that the page that the link is coming from is relevant. If it is linked to from a blog network, there is a good chance that it has a penalty.

4. Check Moz’s Open Site Explorer

Open Site Explorer is another must have for domain research. Again, Moz offers a paid service which you do not need. Sign up for a free account (if you don’t have an account, you are limited to 5 (I think it is 5) reports a day. It’s worth the couple of minutes to sign up for an account to be able to run more reports daily. Here is a link to Open Site Explorer. To create an account, click the log in button and then click create an account. Here is what I look for at Open Site Explorer.

  • Search Both WWW and Non WWW – The results will be completely different, so make sure that you search for both the www version and the non www version of the site. Whichever has the better scores is generally where you will want to set up the domain if you buy it. So if it has better scores on the www version, you will want to set up your domain with www in front.
  • Page Authority and Domain Authority – I like it if both are above 20, but as long as they are both at least 15, it is a pretty good domain (especially when we are talking about under $15).
  • Backlinks – The number of backlinks here is almost always lower than the Majestic SEO numbers. That is normal, and our expectations for backlinks here is much lower. Really I am looking at the top backlinks. I want to see links from relevant sites, I want the anchor text to be related to the site, And I want the top links to come from several different sites (it is not good if all of the top links come from one site because if you lose the links from that one site then you will be losing almost all of the authority). I am also looking to make sure that I don’t see porn, gambling, or pharmaceutical related anchor text. And I will usually click through a couple of the top backlinks to see if they are still there and to make sure that the site that the link is coming from doesn’t look like a blog network or too spammy.

If you find a domain that checks all of these boxes, then you are in business! I love it when I find a great domain for under $15 and I am usually able to find one a week, which is a great way for me to keep up with a good bit of my demand for High PR domains. I supplement these with some more expensive, but more powerful domains that I buy from other sources, but I thought that this would be the best way to introduce you to the world of high PR domains for a pretty low price.


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