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5 Simple Blog Post Ideas For Small Business

Hey everyone, Kurt Abel here with another episode of Two Cans TV. If you follow internet marketing at all, one thing that you are hearing about a lot these days is content. And with good reason. Great content should be the center of everything that you do in your online marketing efforts. You should have a blog, a Facebook page, a Twitter account, and a Google+ page at a minimum. And you need to have content going out to all of these places. And not just any old content, you want juicy, readable content that your readers will want to comment on, like, and share. I know that this is where most business owners’ eyes glaze over and they get overwhelmed and their blogs and social properties sit vacant for years on end. That ends today!

Today, we are going to go over 5 great ideas for blog content. I recommend a minimum of a blog post every week, so if you cycle through these 5 ideas, you will not have to worry about writing the same thing each week. So here are my top 5 blog content ideas.

#5 – Customer Profile

Coming in at number 5 is a customer profile. You can send out a couple of questions to a happy client and get them to answer you back over email. A little bit of copying and pasting and you have yourself a blog post. And don’t underestimate the power of letting someone else sell your product or service for you.

Expert Tip: Ask for a picture of the person who you are profiling. It makes it much more personal and your readers will more likely to believe it.

#4 – Tutorial/Product Spotlight

At number 4, we have either tutorials or a product spotlight depending on whether you are product based or service based. If you are a service, teach people how to do something that you do. If you are product based, introduce your visitors to one of your products and all of their unique features. Either way, you are writing about something that you already know about and you will come off as an expert.

Expert Tip: If you feel comfortable in front of the camera, try shooting a video based tutorial or product spotlight. It is often quicker to do and it helps to build your reputation as an expert.

#3 – This is Who We Are

At number 3 is the ever popular this is who we are post. This post can take one of three forms – community events, causes you support, or employee spotlights. With all three of these you give your business a more personal feel and you let your readers know who you are, what you believe in, and what you support. This is very powerful in attracting customers with similar values.

Expert Tip: Don’t be too controversial here. You want to let people know who you are, not offend them or scare them away!

#2 – Industry News

At number 2 on our list is industry news. You read all about what is going on in your industry anyway. You may as well use it to your advantage. Take an important news story, link to it from your post, and let your readers know how this is going to affect them. A great way to position yourself as an expert.

Expert Tip: Do not re-write the article, or try to take credit for someone else’s reporting. Simply tell your readers why this news story is a big deal.

#1 – Frequently Asked Questions

And coming in at the top of our list is the frequently asked question. Chances are that if one of your customers has a question, others out there are wondering the same thing. When you get a question frequently from customers, answer it and turn it into a blog post. Again, you position yourself as an expert and you are being truly helpful which your readers will really appreciate.

Expert Tip: If you are answering something technical, cite your sources. This lets your readers know that you do your research and that they can trust your answers.

So there are 5 great ideas to get you started blogging. Keep it simple, and be consistent and you will have a great blog in no time!

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