Win a Free Website Video Series Part 1

//Win a Free Website Video Series Part 1
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Why Do You Need A Website?

Why You Need a Website

In this first video, I talk about the importance of having a website. I know that a few years ago you could totally get by without a website, but now… not so much. Whether you have a website or not, people are searching for your business. The first thing that they do when they hear about your business – Google you. What kind of message do you think it sends if they see that you don’t have a website, or they click to your site and it is awful? Not the first impression that you want to make, I will tell you that! Watch the video for more.

Also, if you want to know what makes a good website, download the free report below called “Does Your Website Stink?” It’s a quick read, but it gives you the five things that your site has to have if you want to convert your visitors into customers.

Download Does Your Website Stink?

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Kurt Abel is an SEO expert disguised as super dad. Able to rank sites, build social media followings, and help businesses grow, all while picking his boys up from school, helping with homework, and having lots of fun. He would love it if you would follow him on Twitter - @TwoCansMedia.

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