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Scheduling Retweets

Since I started using Twitter consistently a couple of weeks ago, I have been very happy with Buffer as a way to schedule my posts. The one place that I was frustrated was in retweets. I did not know how to schedule retweets and it was driving me crazy. I either had to go through and do all of the retweets that I wanted to do all at once – and risk the unfollows when people were annoyed that I took over their Twitter feed. Or I had to sit down and do 1 or 2 retweets at a time – which meant that I had to be on Twitter way too much. Thankfully I found the Buffer browser add-on and now I can schedule my retweets with a touch of a button. Here’s how:

Step 1 – Install the Browser Extension

Buffer add-on

On Firefox, you go to and click the add to firefox button.

Step 2 – Go Back To Twitter

buffer buttonOnce you have added the Buffer add-on, it adds a new button to the bottom of the tweets in your feed. If you click the button, it opens Buffer in a new window and it will add the retweet to your Buffer queue.

3. Schedule Your Tweet

add to queueOnce you’ve clicked the Buffer button, it will open the above in a new window. There are three things you can do on this screen. First, you can add a comment if you’d like to reply to the tweet. Second, you can add a picture from the post. Finally, you can add the retweet to your queue. That’s it, it’s super simple and a major time saver.

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