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February 2016

Twitter Challenge – 5 Week Case Study


I am ashamed to admit it, but I hate social media. As a marketer, I know all about how valuable it is. I have read the statistics. I have seen it change the fortune of businesses almost overnight. I know how important it is, but I have been resistant to it. I hate the day [...]

Twitter Challenge – 5 Week Case Study2017-04-14T21:21:26-07:00

May 2013

Online Marketing is Like High School – Back to Basics Part 2


You remember high school, right? You had the different cliques – the popular kids, the jocks, the smart kids, etc. And each of the cliques had a different social standing. You couldn’t just walk up to the popular kids and join their clique. You had to have a certain standing to join. You had to [...]

Online Marketing is Like High School – Back to Basics Part 22017-04-14T21:22:48-07:00

April 2013

The Seven Deadly Sins Of Facebook Marketing


Facebook is a huge opportunity for small businesses. I know that there are a lot of criticisms of Facebook when it comes to marketing a business - the biggest one being that people are not on Facebook to buy anything. But, as a relationship builder, there is nothing that offers more to small businesses. As [...]

The Seven Deadly Sins Of Facebook Marketing2017-04-14T21:22:55-07:00

The Rise of Social Search


If you've been following the trends in internet marketing for the last couple years, one of the big buzz words is social signals. I'm not a huge fan of buzzwords because I think that they are exclusive (I promise not to mention social signals at all in the rest of this article). They are like [...]

The Rise of Social Search2017-04-14T21:22:58-07:00