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April 2016

Oh The Automation, Please Make it Stop


Oh the automation, please make it stop. If it doesn't stop soon my head just might pop. My twitter DM box is constantly full of marketing messages, automated and oh so dull. All the request to visit your site or your facebook page or the "free gifts" that you offer send me into a rage. [...]

March 2016

How To Add 1000 Real Twitter Followers in 2 Weeks


Twitter is an interesting place. There are a few people who look like they know what they are doing. They have hundreds of thousands of followers, and every time they tweet, they get lots of engagement. You will see their retweets all over your feed. Then, your feed will fill up with retweets of their [...]

Twitter Challenge – Week 5 Final Results!


So, I have to admit that I'm a little bit sad to be writing this. My 5 Week Twitter Challenge is actually over. I've made some new friends, learned an amazing amount, and really grew my followers very quickly. However, I was not just interested in growing the number of my followers, but in growing [...]

The 3 Best Things I Read This Week – March 25


We are on the last week of the Twitter Challenge and I actually think I might miss it once it's gone. If you want to read about the progress from last week, you can see the post here. So this week I found some great articles to feature, and I hope that you find them [...]

Twitter Challenge – Week 4 Results


Week four of my five week Twitter Challenge seems to have flown by. Maybe I am just having so much fun with this challenge that times goes quickly, or maybe it was because the wife and I had a vacation planned from Thursday through Sunday. While I am having a great time with this challenge, [...]

Twitter Challenge – Week 3 Results and What I Learned


Week three of my five week Twitter Challenge is in the books, and I am really having a lot of fun doing this. I put Twitter off so long thinking that it would simply be too much work. And, while it is a bit of work, it is energizing to see my followers grow and [...]