March 2016

The 3 Best Things I Read This Week – March 25


We are on the last week of the Twitter Challenge and I actually think I might miss it once it's gone. If you want to read about the progress from last week, you can see the post here. So this week I found some great articles to feature, and I hope that you find them [...]

The 3 Best Things I Read This Week – March 18


Still going strong with the Twitter Challenge (you can read about my results as of week 3 here), and still reading a lot of blogs. So, once again, I will share my 3 favorite reads of the week right here. 1. 3 Ways to know your prospects as well as they know you! by Brooke [...]

The Three Best Things I Read This Week – March 11


I have been in the trenches doing local SEO for clients for the past couple of years, and I had dabbled in social media and blogging from time to time, but never enough to gain any traction or make any difference for my business. I have decided that it is time to change that. I [...]

3 Things You Have To Do For WordPress Local SEO in 2016


If you run a local business, I think you would agree that people finding you is pretty important. In decades past, the most important thing for a local business was to choose just the right location. You had to be on a busy street where people that would want to buy from you would drive [...]

January 2014

Not Generating Leads Online? – 5 Reasons Your Website Stinks!


The whole reason that businesses have websites is to bring in more business, or in other words to generate leads online. But, unfortunately, very few websites are actually doing their job. That's right - I can use two words to describe the vast majority of business websites - THEY STINK! These websites that stink, they [...]

How To Set Up Google Authorship The Easy Way


If you have used Google lately (and seriously, who hasn't) you have probably noticed that there are some search results that have a picture of the author and a by line show up. When I first saw these results, I thought that they were pretty cool, but that was about it. I didn't think that [...]