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Kurt Abel is an SEO expert disguised as super dad. Able to rank sites, build social media followings, and help businesses grow, all while picking his boys up from school, helping with homework, and having lots of fun. He would love it if you would follow him on Twitter - @TwoCansMedia.

March 2016

Twitter Challenge – Week 3 Results and What I Learned


Week three of my five week Twitter Challenge is in the books, and I am really having a lot of fun doing this. I put Twitter off so long thinking that it would simply be too much work. And, while it is a bit of work, it is energizing to see my followers grow and [...]

How to Schedule Retweets Using Buffer – Twitter Tips


Scheduling Retweets Since I started using Twitter consistently a couple of weeks ago, I have been very happy with Buffer as a way to schedule my posts. The one place that I was frustrated was in retweets. I did not know how to schedule retweets and it was driving me crazy. I either had to [...]

The Three Best Things I Read This Week – March 11


I have been in the trenches doing local SEO for clients for the past couple of years, and I had dabbled in social media and blogging from time to time, but never enough to gain any traction or make any difference for my business. I have decided that it is time to change that. I [...]

3 Things You Have To Do For WordPress Local SEO in 2016


If you run a local business, I think you would agree that people finding you is pretty important. In decades past, the most important thing for a local business was to choose just the right location. You had to be on a busy street where people that would want to buy from you would drive [...]

Twitter Challenge – Week 2 Results and What I Learned


So, I'm through 2 weeks of my personal 5 week Twitter Challenge and I'd say that I learned a lot this week. But let's get to the important stuff first - the results. And they were not quite as good this week as they were last, but I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing. [...]

The Three Best Things I Read This Week – March 4


I read a lot of articles every week. I mean, a lot. SEO stuff, sales stuff, general marketing, social media, lots of Twitter stuff right now with the Twitter Challenge going on. I figured it would be good if I started sharing the good stuff with you. So I'm going to try a new thing [...]